chloe rodham

 Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne I have worked as a freelance animator since graduating from UCA Farnham in 2010. As a specialist in stop motion techniques and After Effects animation I work in a variety of digital and traditional techniques to create short films. With confidence I can apply my skills to a broad range of briefs and outcomes, from creating 4 minute music videos to 10 second motion graphics.

I am happy to undertake projects directly from the individual client or undertake work for a creative agency or a studio. Equally, I am keen to either direct, design and develop a project from its initial concept or work to a set brief.

I enjoy inspiring and passing on skills to others. I have experience educating and training early-career animators, artists and film-makers as mentor on TICE programme Ladders and as an associate lecturer at Northumbria University.







The Labour Party

Fourth Monkey Theatre Company

London Lites Dance Company

ITV Fixers


Production Companies/Agencies

TL Multimedia | Newcastle Upon Tyne

The Roundhouse | Newcastle Upon Tyne

Genero | Worldwide (Unilever / Knorr)

Kerrupt Animation | Doncaster

The Other Brother | London

Cumi | London

Arcus | NDC Gateshead

Content is King | London

Studio Juice | London



DeVotchKa – ANTI

Henry Parker

The Common Tongues

Johanna Glaza

The Virgin Soldiers


TICE | Ladders Film/TV Course Mentor | 2016 – Present

Northumbria University | Associate Lecturer | 2015 – 2016



Ayatana Research Residency | June 2016

The Illuminarium | October-December 2015 (Queen’s Hall & Toffee Factory)




Adobe Production Suite:

After Effects (motion graphics, compositing and motion tracking)

Illustrator (vector graphics and storyboard sketching)

Photoshop (concept art, background artwork and rig removal)

Audition (sound design)

Premiere Pro (Editing)


Stop motion Pro and Dragon (stop motion capture software)



Armature construction

Plastercine sculpting

Mould making and silicon casting